Abeer Al-Hariri, The Circle

Man is a social being , especially when they are in a foreign land which is so far of their own big families. Canada, as many other countries nowadays, contains many different people. Muslims are one of those people who live in this country. But ,as the others, they have their own occasions and ceremonies which they like to share with people in their community.

In Ramadan, the Anatolian Cultural Center & Intercultural Dialogue Center in Kitchener has hosted multicultural people during Ramadan for iftar. Sharing iftar 3-4 days a week is a very nice idea. I have been there 3 times and I only could feel the love and warm hearts also they have welcomed everyone no matter where they are from or what is their religion. After they finish the delicious Turkish iftar, people have used to drink tea, have some sweets or go to pray at the center’s mosque. Sometimes the center has invited a musician to play an elegant calm music in the end.

Children also have had a nice time there, they have met friends from their own country or other countries too and they have had a chance to play together.

I liked going there during Ramadan although I am not a Turkish. I have met some new friends and I feel happy to have such people in my life here . Our good friends are like our families in the foreign lands.

I liked to share my experience and opinion about having iftar there to encourage people to arrange events like this one next Ramadan. It is very important for us ,as a Muslim community, to meet each other  learn about each other and help each other. I would like to thank the Anatolian Cultural Center & Intercultural Dialogue Center to host people with love and kindness. Special thanks to those who have volunteered and  have arranged everything from the beginning. I am not going to say goodbye because I will be in connection with them and will join them next year inshallah, and let us do more next Ramadan. Eid Mubarak.