Fatima Sidaoui, The Circle

In the cosy space of Berlin Tower at the City Hall of Kitchener hung a series of beautiful oil paintings by Maca Suazo, an artist based in Kitchener. Inspired by Suazo’s experience on an organic farm and an innate affection for nature, the Farm Days series reflect the artist’s genuine relation with the natural world.

From the Whistling Farmer to the Barn Cat and the Seeds of Change, each individual artwork portrays an aspect of the peaceful, albeit inconstant, nature of farm life.

Like the seeds that the artist plants with care and affection, each of the featured paintings has grown into an artwork that feels very much alive. While each painting is unique, it also forms an integral part of the overall coherent collection—simple yet sophisticated, detailed but boundless, and always heart-warming.

The pieces vary in the level of detail; some appear to have been carefully measured, some contain what seems like an unfinished detail, others embody carefree spontaneity, and they all create a feeling of liberating openness, the same feeling one gets from standing amidst expansive fields.

It is perhaps this openness that allows the imagination to wander, and invites the observers to weave a story of their own, or finish the one started by the artist. The longer you stare at a particular picture, the more you’ll see.

The result is a product worth meditating upon.