Hajra Ijaz, The Circle

I love my highschool, Saalihat Academy, where I have had nothing but wonderful experiences. I would not be attending it if it wasn’t for Sister Ameera, our principal and teacher, who opened Salihaat Academy in 2011 and was the one who started it all.

Not only did I come to have great friends, but I also got the chance to learn from amazing teachers and role models; for this I am so grateful. My teachers always push me to do more and better and have taught me so much and I thank them for inspiring me to be the person making me who I am today.

The reason why I think Saalihat Academy is  such a special highschool  is because of its intimate environment, where you literally come to know everyone and develop strong relationships; at the end of the day, we all feel like family.  I know many many previous students who come to visit and don’t feel like they left because they developed such a strong bond with the teachers.

My teachers genuinely care about who I am as a person  and always show interest in what I do. At a first glance, the school  may look like a small place with few students and teachers, but that place is always loud and crazy, rich with warm memories and experiences. We are always doing something fun and different.

One of the things I love the most is being part of so many activities. We regularly hold bake sales to raise funds for a variety of causes. A major achievement I am so proud of is the fundraiser we did for Cambridge Memorial Hospital, where we  raised over $500! We also hosted a Heart and Stroke event and raised over $1000! These events strengthen our connection to the larger community and help us feel like we are making a difference.

Currently, my class and I are working on canvases to sell on our end-of-the-year celebration so we could raise money to build a water well in a poor country. It is very satisfying to look back and see that we  have accomplished so much just in the past year. I am proud to be a student in such a wonderful highschool and to be surrounded with such amazing friends and teachers. Saalihat is my second home.