Mohammadali Saleh

Assalamualaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh

(Peace be unto you & your loved ones)

To the generous people of the world,

We are the University of Waterloo Muslim Student Association (UWMSA) and we are here to give you the opportunity to make a difference! To make a difference by providing over 1600 meals over the course of 1 month to the hardworking and bright students of the University of Waterloo.



The University of Waterloo Muslim Students’ Association is a student-run club dedicated to facilitating worship while providing an Islamic environment for Muslims of different origins, cultures, socio-economic status and education backgrounds on campus. The UWMSA is the most active and largest group on campus that provides for the well-being and needs of the Muslim students by:

  • Bringing the UW Muslim community together based on the Quran.
  • Hosting religious, educational, social, civic, and philanthropic events that reflects the spirit of Islam.
  • Voicing the concerns of Muslim students on campus.


Like many of you know, the month of Ramadhan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. This is the month where billions of Muslims around the world come together in spirit to fast (restrain from food and drink) from dusk till dawn. The breaking of the fast at sunset is referred to as Iftaar and it is imbedded in the Islamic culture to have this meal together, whether it be with family, friends, or the larger community around you.

The UWMSA has organized a number of Iftars over the past few years for the Muslim population on campus to bring together the unity and nourish the community spirit at UW. Previous years have seen very successful events as can be seen in our video.


Each iftaar this year plans on hosting approximately 200 students, and a total of 8 iftars have tentatively been planned, thus a total of 1600 meals need to be provided!

Over the past few weeks, the executive team at UWMSA have been carefully figuring out the logistics and resources required for a successful Ramadhan month this year. But, we have hit a dead end that we cannot seem to get around. We are short of the financial resources to fund the iftars, and so we are now taking the liberty to reach out to YOU!

And we are confident that you will help us reach the goal of $6000 in order to make this year’s UWMSA Ramadhan a success!

The UWMSA will appreciate each and every donation regardless of the magnitude. We intend of mentioning the names of all donors in our final iftaar to show our gratitude towards all of you and pictures of all the events will be uploaded on our facebook page.

You will be contributing towards feeding students that are working day-in and day-out to make the world a better place!