Stephanie Stretch, The Circle

I am a political candidate this municipal election and it has given me a unique view. I find myself asking “who would I rather work with?”

I have had the chance to meet many of the people running in this municipal election and their character and values are what matter most to me.

How do they interact with their peers?

How do they talk about people when they aren’t in the room?

What is motivating them to run?

When I have the chance to have a conversation with them, I make a point of noticing what they tell me. Do they talk about what they are against?

Or what they are for?

Do they leave room for me to speak or ask a question?

Are they open to a conversation, willing to listen, change a tone or perspective, are they able to adapt once there is more context to learn from.

There is a difference between being someone with courage and someone who is just stubborn. I look for the courage.