The Circle

Intercultural Dialog Institute of KW and Anatolian Cultural Center together had another great Iftar Dinner tonight in Kitchener. Over 200 Muslims and non-Muslim Canadians, women, men, and children celebrate a peaceful Ramadan evening together. A number of women from Women Empowerment Group of IDI-KW also attended the Iftar.

Kitchener MP Marwan Tabbara joined the program and delivered a welcoming speech. At the end of the night, a Turkish businessman Mevlut Ozkisi gave a special Kirgiz hat and a miniature Kazakh tent to the MP. Marwan said that this is the best and most friendly Iftar Dinner ever he attended this year.

Indeed, Ramadan is such a beautiful occasion to make friendships and build a stronger community. Attendees of IDI’s Iftar Dinners from all walks of life foster intercultural and interfaith exchanges and a mutual understanding.

IDI community is looking forward to see Canadians every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings during Ramadan at their Center on 312 Lawrence Ave., Kitchener at 8.45 pm. A volunteer of IDI said, “Everybody is most welcome to our each and every events. This is an inclusive community.
Please come and join us there to enjoy our delicious food and good friendship in this great community building activity. Be our guest”.
The Center will host MPP Michael Harris and another hundreds of guests tomorrow.