In its third annual Ramadan Iftar dinner at the Floradale Mennonite Church, IDI welcomed a remarkable group of sixty people from the Mennonite Church and the local Muslim community to its break of the fast on Thursday, June 1, 2017.

Speaking to the members of the Mennonite Church and the Muslim community, Leon Kehl highlighted that the IDI Ramadan dinners bring people from different walks of life together, thus reflecting the diversity of Canada’s religious communities.

Following the remarks of IDI’s Executive Director Engin Sezen and a key-note speaking of IDI’s community outreach director Mustafa Yildirim , IDI’s volunteer Ali Ihsan recited Quranic verses from Chapter Maryam (or Mary in English), which took its name after Virgin Mary. He then read the English interpretation of the verses on how God chose Mary as the virgin mother of Jesus Christ.

Following the hymns he sang in both English and Turkish, Ali Ihsan called to the Prayer at sunset, which announced the beginning of the Iftar dinner. With this call to the prayer, people from diverse religious communities broke bread together, celebrating the dinner with a special meal, called Iftar.  Curious to learn more about Ramadan and its Iftar dinners, many members of the church asked how the dinner timings vary greatly at different places.

IDI will hold another great Ramadan dinner on Monday June 5 at Stirling Avenue Church, and Wednesday, June 7 in front of the Kitchener Municipality building where anyone can come, enjoy the delicious food and have a great time. This is a public event so people of all beliefs and backgrounds are welcome to attend. It will be a wonderful opportunity to break bread together and to help create a peaceful society by building new relationships between diverse cultural and faith traditions in Kitchener.