Mike Strathdee, The Circle

Long-term focus:

Does the candidate think about the impact their approach will have beyond their term in office, or are they merely focused on the short-term? Penny-wise, pound foolish approaches don’t impress me much.

Commitment to environmental sustainability?

This I think should be a major concern for every voter. Is the candidate actively supporting policy approaches that will help us quickly transition to a low-carbon economy, and not leave an unpayable environmental debt to the generations to come?


Does the candidate walk their talk? Having a well-known name is no substitute for commitment to public service. Candidates who in previously roles were not responsive to constituent requests to meet, or have publicly been less than truthful, of which there are several in our current election contests, do not deserve support Demonstrated care for the disadvantaged: As the gap between the well-to-do and comfortable and the less fortunate widens in our rapidly growing region, we need leaders who actively work to minimize the number of people who are left behind.


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