Abeer Al-Hariri

Last weekend June 24th-25th, the happy world gathered at Victoria Park in Kitchener for a Multicultural Festival which was hosted by the Kitchener-Waterloo Multicultural Centre. I said the happy world because that is exactly what I have seen there. Everybody has had a chance to try the multicultural food or drink, also music and dancing. On the stage, which had been built near the bell tower, different countries’ bands have come to show people their beautiful dancing with their traditional costumes and happy music.

Also there were many organizations and shops have sold some of their hand craft productions. Also churches and colleges did not miss the chance to share people their new thoughts and options. I walked through the park and I have met a lot of people I know. The multicultural festival was like a gate to many countries. I believe that culture is a power that let people stay close to each other. This is a good example of the Canadian society which is made of different origins mosaic.

In my opinion, you do not need to travel to other countries and spend your money to try and see their cultures I suggest you go to the downtown or any park in the city and look at the chairs, behind the corners or at the cafes or the shops you will find there what you are looking for, but the Multicultural Festival and other same events make it easier for you to meet others .With the Multicultural Festivals live feel and love cultures in Canada all the time.