Kathi Smith, The Circle


There is nothing more important than voting in a municipal election. You have the opportunity to meet and talk with your candidates if you wish. You may see them in the community.

As a trustee, we listen to your concerns. We try to make your child’s experience as positive as possible. Many people do not vote for trustees. There is nothing more important than voting for education. Every student needs an education to survive in our workforce!! We need to support children to gain an education.

Trustees must care about kids and their parents. Trustees should not be mired in political parties. There is nothing more important than education for kids! I am happy to get a call to meet with parents who have questions. I met with several groups of Muslin parents to suggest ways to support their beliefs while their kids had sex Ed classes.

Make sure trustees really listen to your concerns and understand them. We all want to make sure our children have the best experience possible. If you have questions send an email to kathi_smith@wrdsb.ca or Facebook Trustee Kathi Smith or 519-578-1547 (leave a message) Please vote!

Kathy Bazinet, The Circle

Someone who is engaging, honest, demonstrates integrity.

Knows their constituency and the particular needs and that their own life demonstrated they are running in politics in order to serve and improve the lives of those they represent.

Isabel Cisterno Pino, The Circle

I want courage to go against the status quo and the strength to work to see change through. I want a politician that can be a bold without stop being a humble leader.