Cameron Dearlove, The Circle

When considering a candidate, I will of course look at their stand on various issues. But more important to me is character. Here are a few of the questions I consider when looking at a candidate:

Visionary: Are you presenting a platform that speaks only to the issues of the day, or can you lead and inspire with ideas that will make a better future?

Earnest: Is your run for office coming from a genuine desire to serve? Is it an extension of your ongoing commitment to your community? Are you committed to putting in the hard work and long hours, and take the duty seriously?

Holistic: Can you see the bigger picture and anticipate the impacts of a decision? Can you see that every decision has costs and benefits that aren’t only financial, but also social and environmental?

Diverse perspectives: If you win, what perspective will you bring that will increase the diversity of knowledge and experience at the table? Will your presence create better representation of the full diversity of our community?

Values-based: I saved this for last because it is the most important. When making a decision, what values guide you? How and when will you bend on these values? And do you have the courage to hold to your values even when it’s unpopular?