Abeer Al-Hariri

Ramadan is all about families eating and praying together. So, last Monday June 12th , as a part of the big Canadian family, Coalition of Muslim Women – KW invited a larger community to attend a multicultural Iftaar  at Victoria Park Pavilion to give them the opportunity to experience traditional iftaar delicacies from different parts of the Muslim world.

I went there with my mother and brother. The ladies on the main doors were very kind, they  welcomed us as other people, with  beautiful smiles on their faces and kind words. The tables were organized very well . people sat together talking and laughing. Then at 6:30 the Muslim Women started their speeches one by one . It was nice to give Canadian full information about fasting in Ramadan because ,as I know, many of them have a lot of questions for us as Muslims and sometimes it is hard for newcomers to explain and answer those questions with their poor English language.

I noticed that night people got bored a little because of 3 hours long continued speeches. I suggest to focus on important information only next time or create some activities such as simple games or some information about food ,for example ,or make a workshop like Islamic art or maybe listen to Islamic songs like those which we used to listen to at Omayyad mosque in Damascus  before iftaar time. In my opinion Those songs give some peace and holy environment.

It is important to be open to people in our community, teach them and learn from them. I felt happy when I saw many people there came to share us our iftaar meal. That means nothing but they would like to understand us closely because if you were not in touch with specific people and talk to them directly you could never know them.


  1. Thanks for the article and feedback. One correction about the program. It started at about 7:15 and finished just before Maghreb so it was about one hour and 45 minutes of program not 3 hours.

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